Absolute Zero




Absolute Zero is the debut release by US band UCNX and it's hotter than a man who has just set his trousers on fire.

Taking their cue from the sounds of prime Wax Trax and Re-Constriction records and bands such as the rock influence Chemlab, the intricate electro Front Line Assembly, and even the intelligent sounds of Haujobb, UCNX push these influences into the 21st century kicking and screaming all the way with clear, emotional vocals & a nod to the past

The mini-album features 9 tracks, 5 of them originals by UCNX, 3 remixes including stunning remakes by the excellent Cyanotic and Deadliner. The release is topped of with a brooding cover of the Alice in Chains classic "Sea of Sorrow". Buy the whole album and receive the bonus 'Eckstraschitt' EP, containing a remix for the band Chemlab, 2 bonus album mixes, and the b-side experimental jam "Vynil" for FREE!

CD avail. now at: www.momt.co.uk/Store/ucnx1.html


"4 out of 5 ++++" - Fabryka/www.industrial-rock.net

"One of the most exciting releases of the past year...There's just too much to like about this disc, and hasn't got a thing going against it." - www.brianbacklash.com

"A blast...mixes electronic industrial power with melody and freshness. A valid alternative to the most known names of the scene." - Chain D.L.K.

"...As caustic synthesizers squelch and sear above throbbing beats and Doug Sudia's aggressive yet emotive vocals, there is much to be said for this band's sound. With all the energy and attitude of late '90s coldwave, yet replacing guitars with the club-stomping electronic approach of the modern age, UCNX are steadily carving out a niche of their own...Sudia's vocals are delivered in a primarily clean tone, avoiding the terror EBM clichés of too much distortion and incoherent lyrics, while his actual voice at times bears a resemblance to Dan Levler of LVL or Chemlab's Jared Louche...Put simply, the band accomplishes its mission to add some fuel to the industrial music fire, offering hope for a scene in decline." - ReGen Magazine

"A refreshing sound in this current era of extremely derivative, blah, blah music...UCNX will get in your mind and under your skin, leaving you hopping up and down, rolling your head around, or at the very least, tapping your toes involuntarily." - Heathen Harvest

"Industrial? Yes, but the enjoyable accessible type with influences from cold wave, ambient, electro etc turned into an enjoyable claustrophobic listening trip." - Dark Entries

"It's so nice to hear a band, in these days of computer-made-easy-crap-industrial...that actually sounds like it gives a shit about it's music, the genre and the ear drums of it's populace in general. And if it makes me a pussy to say that I like melodies with my hardcore beatz, then so be it...in which case UCNX puts the bow on my little girl dress." -Blayne, Idiot Stare/Insight 23


released April 26, 2008



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UCNX Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Based out of NJ/Philly, UCNX (Doug Sudia & John Monette) focus mainly on the industrial/electronic scene. Theirs is a fusion of various styles ranging from classic Electro-Industrial, Coldwave, IDM/Ambient, Noise into a collection of storming club & experimental tracks with strong vocals, an overall rock sensibility, & strong respect to the classic 90's industrial sound, without being stuck in it. ... more

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