Blood & Gold (2014 Remastered Edition)

by Symmetry



Symmetry - Blood & Gold (2014 Remastered Edition)

Though some of the material on this release was started back in late 1997, barely a year into the start of myself and John's musical endeavors, the bulk of it was written and recorded in 2001 while I was finishing up college. Symmetry was always intended to be my ambient/soundtrack side-project. Raw material that I had recorded over the years was gathered, and I spent nearly the entirety of 2001 working on this album. 5 previous years of making (and not releasing, of course) nothing but industrial or industrial-related tunes had built up a need for some deep exploration of another genre for a change. Not that the material on B&G ISN'T a bit electro/industrial in places, but it's also ambient, techno, IDM, soundtrack, soundscape, ethnic…all kinds of electronic music genres that I'm also interested in, and wanted to try dabbling in. At the time, I had really come around to the many ambient techno side-projects of Bill Leeb & Rhys Fulber like older Delerium, as well as such disparate sources like synthpop & 80's pop in general, the symphonic electro experiments of early Leæther Strip, Will, & Hocico, the lush soundscapes of Lustmord & Tangerine Dream, and the melodic, ambient, and/or experimental techno stylings of artists like Underworld, Orbital, as well as trip-hop or downtempo moments like Massive Attack, & FSOL, to name a few.

Finishing school was my priority, so I really took my time working on this album, and I think it really shows. Not in sound quality, christ no. Equipment at the time was BEYOND primitive (save for my shiny new PowerMac G4, of course), and recording methods were even cruder than that (vocals are sparse on this release, but you can rest assured they were recorded into a shitty computer mic AND processed with Goldwave). Each track, however, was labored over for months, by both myself in recording and by my roommate at the time Jonathan, who also had an affinity for different kinds of electronic music, in post-production. The material on this album pre-dates UCNX by about 2 years or so, with John & I needing to get all the desire for solo work out of our ego-systems first before we could reunite to work on something together again. The title refers to the concept of precious things that are composed of and considered precious for completely different reasons…sort of like all the various genres of atmospheric, moody electronic music contained therein.

Sadly, the master files for 'Blood & Gold' were lost, among lots of other things, in the Great Computer Crash of 2002, rendering the only evidence of all my hard work a hastily recorded CD-R of the album, completely un-mastered and at, uh, shall we say, a rather low bitrate. Immeasurable thanks & slavish gratitude to the incomparable Christian Weber, he of K-Nitrate, and Audiowar with yours truly, for taking the time to re-master all these songs and get them to the best possible sound quality we could achieve. It's FAR from perfect…8-bit sample hiss, pops, clipping, & pointless phasing abounds, and I think every song contains at LEAST one blatant sample of something from FLA & Co.'s catalogue of works. Because of this, we're offering it to you at a special discounted rate...but that doesn't reflect it's impact at all. It's definitely still listenable, and contains many proud moments for me still, over a decade later. -dOGulas, June 2014.


released June 23, 2014

symmetry is: douglas sudia.
all songs written & performed by d.sudia @ surgical studios, pa/nj 1997-2001.
except 8 originally written by genesis
(p.collins, t.banks, m.rutherford) & 9 written by d.sudia & a.sega.
all songs remastered in 2014 by christian weber.

additional personnel:
jeff tryon: guitar on track 8.
andrew sega: add. writing, programming on track 9.

produced by symmetry & j.van dusen.
(c) 2001, 2014 rodeohead music (bmi).
art & design by d.sudia in 2001, remastered in 2014.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Hand of Glory
A shroud of blood & bone, the glory of the day.