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What happens when you crossbreed EBM floor filler with one of the classic heavy metal tracks of the 1980s? Iron Ebb or Nitzer Maiden? UCNX's 'Run Your Body' is what happens. A cover of Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" set to Nitzer Ebb's "Let Your Body Learn". UCNX prove that sometimes the most outlandish of ideas can strike gold!

"Run Your Body" alongside the B-side "Burning Slowly Down" prove that UCNX can deliver the old school EBM goods with another new tricks and turns to keep the most jaded of rivethead happy and show the old school metallers that not all electronic covers are sacrilegious. The single also features a remix from UK techno-act K-Nitrate and a UCNX remix of US industrial rock act Idiot Stare. This is a single created for the dance floor and if it doesn't get your arse moving and your legs stomping then we can only recommend that you check that you still have a pulse. 'Run Your Body' is the follow up to UCNX's 'Absolute Zero' also released on the impeccable MoMT Records.

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"It was an idea so simple in its conception, and yet so seemingly absurd to even think about: crossing the shouted chants and EBM dance floor rhythms of Nitzer Ebb's "Let Your Body Learn" with the grandeur and fury of Iron Maiden's classic heavy metal track "Run to the Hills." Well, up-and-coming industrial dance act UCNX thought of it, resulting in their latest single, Run Your Body. As the song kicks in, one might mistake it simply for a straightforward cover of Nitzer Ebb's song with Iron Maiden's lyrics simply thrown in, and while this is certainly a prominent facet of the song, this would discount some of the other musical cues that UCNX cleverly instill, such as the classic introductory guitar riff and even that recognizable drum loop that begins the song. It may not contain Dave Murray's incendiary solo or Bruce Dickinson's banshee wails, but as the overall composition owes much to Nitzer Ebb, the song actually works well as one can imagine Douglas McCarthy stomping away and bellowing out those anthemic chants. Of course, UCNX also give us a new song, "Burning Slowly Down," which runs more in their own style with a melody and bass line reminiscent of mid '90s coldwave, complete with scratchy guitars in the tail end. The fourth track is the band's remix of Idiot Stare's "BabyLAon," infusing the original's industrial cock rock with more squelching synths and danceable rhythms...with so outlandish an idea as combining Nitzer Ebb with Iron Maiden being put on display here, one must give credit to UCNX for being one of the more daring acts to emerge in the current industrial underground." -Re:Gen Magazine 3/5

"UCNX probably realized one of the most unimaginable tracks ever made in the electro scene. Just imagine a cover version of 2 songs in 1. Just imagine a copulation between Nitzer Ebb’s “Let Your Body Learn” and Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills”. I don’t know in which circumstances this American duo came to this idea, but even Salvador Dali would have been jealous with such a surrealistic project. The result has been entitled “Run Your Body”. It sounds definitely EBM-like and the Nitzer Ebb style is (luckily enough) very present. The vocals could have been a bit harsher and powerful, but you don’t hear me complain. “Run Your Body” isn’t exactly what I would call a masterpiece, but it’s definitely funny and entertaining. “Burning Slowly Down” coming next sounds harder and more convincing while holding on the EBM-style. I personally prefer the instrumental mix [of RYB] entitled “The Number Of The Remix”, which sounds a bit in the vein of Cubanate. This is a real cool mix. UCNX is definitely an unusual formation with a high level of creativity! 6/7"

"...The artistic operation is very smart, because UCNX used – remix and tortured to the GODS of EBM classic havy metal tracks of the 1980s. For sure this is an EBM old school work, but is so nice to hear this kind of brutal approach that I cannot say nothing bad about it; EBM is in the same time violent but even simply and straight like rock and roll/punk I love to hear this music, it transmits non stop action and great strength...The voice, the effects and the classic EBM distortion over the voice are well recorded and MOMT, we gotta say, is making a very good job selecting very different artists... -Chain DLK

"There are good ideas. There are bad ideas. And then there are ideas that are so bad they can't possibly fail. This is without doubt an instance of the latter. I mean, just think about it. A cover of Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills" to the tune of Nitzer Ebb's "Let Your Body Learn". How could it NOT be one of the most amazing things you ever heard?" -Moving Hands


released December 1, 2008

(c) 2009 Rodeohead Music (BMI) / MoMT Records



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UCNX Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Based out of NJ/Philly, UCNX (Doug Sudia & John Monette) focus mainly on the industrial/electronic scene. Theirs is a fusion of various styles ranging from classic Electro-Industrial, Coldwave, IDM/Ambient, Noise into a collection of storming club & experimental tracks with strong vocals, an overall rock sensibility, & strong respect to the classic 90's industrial sound, without being stuck in it. ... more

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